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- Internet service based on the client’s need
- 24/7 monitoring & maintenance plus with redundancy circuit option
- Always-available support team staffed by certified technicians
- Usage and uptime reporting
- More than a transactional relationship

- Unlimited Help Desk: 24/7 support ensures problems are resolved quickly
- Technology Roadmap: ongoing strategic recommendations to help plan and budget IT expense 
- Advanced Network Security: using multiple layers to protect from cyber attacks, viruses and malware 
- Data Backup Administration: saves business information and allows continuity in the case of a disaster 
- System Monitoring: including patch management, system maintenance & proactive solutions 
- IT Documentation: provides faster service and better proactive recommendations 
- Hardware Vendor Collaboration: provides faster, hassle-free repair 

Experience your email across any device
Use Pro+ eMail in your web browser, on mobile devices, and on desktop apps (Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac Mail).

Three apps in one!
Breeze through your day with email, calendars, and contacts all in one app.

Your inbox made easy
Seamlessly import your data. Keep your life organized with a full-featured inbox.

Calendars make it happen
Bring all your calendars together. Share with your favorite people.

Custom email you@yourdomain and email aliases
Own your online identity with an email address @yourdomain. Email aliases are alternative email addresses you can use to keep your main address private.

Your data access and security is one of your most crucial and immediate assets; without it, your business simply stops. Every business uses some form of data back-up to prevent loss, but a continuity plan involves a business strategy which is employed before an emergency strikes. Anticipation is faster than reaction and our strategy will offer you that edge during a crisis.

Pro+ Disaster Recovery Services:
Upon a disaster, we have options to virtualize your servers at your premises or in our data centers
Automated data push to our secure data centers
Data backups that can be retrieved anytime
Lightning-fast data restoration
Daily data backup management and monitoring
Regular tests to ensure failover equipment and the disaster recovery plan works as expected

Cybercriminals are more organized than ever before and their approach is more sophisticated than ever. Many enterprises believe data security is a top priority and have adopted protocols to protect themselves. This has resulted in hackers turning to SMBs instead, which is why your company’s data security needs to be better than every before.

Pro+ Security Services include:
Employee education – Promote safe online behavior among your staff to prevent network intrusion
Dark web monitoring – Ensure that business and personal data are not being sold on the Dark Web
Multilayered security – Complete protection from all forms of malware and hacker attacks
Incident recovery and response – Recovery strategies that can identify and eliminate any potential attack or breach
Advanced Threat Protection with AI – The best email security
Cyber-Liability Insurance – Protection if the unthinkable happens

In today’s highly competitive modern market, businesses of every size require enterprise-level IT to gain a competitive advantage. If you deploy new technology, it will take the right team and precise approach to ensure the successful execution and completion of your projects. Having an experienced IT consulting team to help plan your technology strategy is critical.

Pro+ Professional Services includes:
Professional IT solution design for maximum efficiency
Project coordination, budgeting, and third-party vendor management that makes projects easy for your business
Implementation of new technologies to ensure best performance
Data migration to ensure maximum security
Office relocation for the quickest recovery in your new facility

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Tech Support SLA (4Hrs)
24/7 Coverage

MSP - RMM - Security Services
Disaster Recovery - Back-up

Office 365 Business

Hosted eMail

ISP Service



Tech Support SLA (1Hr)
24/7 Coverage

MSP - RMM - Security Services
Disaster Recovery - Back-up

Office 365 Business

Hosted eMail

ISP Service



Tech Support SLA (15Min)
24/7 Coverage

MSP - RMM - Security Services
Disaster Recovery - Back-up

Office 365 Business

Hosted eMail Account

ISP Service with Redundancy

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